By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Wing in the new year at FedDo (aka Federal Donuts)!

The delicious and decidedly un-nutritious donut and fried chicken shop from restaurateurs Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook (along with expert foodie Felicia D’Ambrosio and BODHi Coffee owners Thomas Henneman and Bob Logue, see previous story) has declared New Year’s Day “Chicken Wing Day.”

Starting at noon, the (mainly) take-out spot will be serving up six wings for $9 or 12 for $17—along with sides of Japanese pickles, your choice of seasoning or glaze and of course, a scrumptious honey donut.

Federal Donuts, which opened in mid-October, has already earned a rep for being one of the most delicious things to hit Philly this year (they sold 300 donuts the first hour they opened, if you need proof). And since the shop closes up for the day when they’re sold out—usually around 1:30 or 2 p.m.—plan on being there before noon if you want to be at the top of the pecking order for some of the tastiest chicken wings in the city.

For more on the goodies at FedDo, visit their website.