PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A recent article in The Wall Street Journal criticized what were called “dark themes” in young adult literature and the National Coalition Against Censorship newsletter reported that a huge protest ensued.

Well known authors like Sherman Alexie and Chris Crutcher defended novels that deal with “taboo” topics, saying that they are “life-savers for many teens” with personal experiences with situations like drug abuse, rape, family violence and good for providing insights for kids into the lives of those in different situations.

Such articles are intended to remove offending books and keep young people in schools from reading them. While everyone is entitled to his/her own views, sometimes such a challenge approaches censorship. Parents can help their kids select books, but shouldn’t impose their views on others.

The Journal’s website poll shows that 90.9% believe that such books are more helpful than harmful. So, we hope that Harry Potter won’t be removed from school bookshelves.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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