By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — TV shopping channels have been around for a long time — but not like this.

Say you’re watching the History Channel and Ice Road Truckers comes on, and you think ‘what a good stocking stuffer this would make’:

“T-shirts, mugs, DVDs, what have you,” says Verizon FiOS Product manager Jason Henderson, of a widget customers can hit on their remotes. “It’ll show you products related to the show you’re watching at that moment.”

You might only have to leave the couch the first time to give your credit card details to, the online payment service Verizon FiOS is using.

Right now, it’s only available on History Channel, though Henderson hopes it’s just the beginning:

“I remember when people were talking when ‘Friends’ was on, and they’d say ‘wouldn’t it be great if you could just point at Jennifer Aniston’s shirt and say I want that shirt for my girlfriend.'”

The technology is there; now, he says, it’s a matter of getting all the data together.

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