By Special Contributor Larry Kane

Philadelphia (CBS) – With all of the nation’s challenges, the situation in Iran remains in the forefront as a major threat.

According to all the local experts, the question is not if but when Iran assembles nuclear warheads. Dr. Marie Chevrier of Rutgers, an expert in arms control, says that in advance of any military option, it’s important that Iran’s software systems be disrupted.

“It can delay I think. The predictions of when or how close Iran is to actually having a weapon vary. I think the best estimates are that if Iran put everything into it they could have one, maybe two nuclear weapons within approximately two years.”

Congressman Pat Meehan’s expertise is terrorism and fighting it. So his view on Iran is bleak. He says that now more than ever the United States and its allies need to be strong and ready.

“I think all options need to be on the table so that there’s a real ability to negotiate from a position of strength. I don’t think that there’s a desire on the part of many to actually get to a point where it would be a military option.”

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