PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “The Occupation of City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza is now over,” Mayor Nutter says. Philadelphia Police successfully evicted Occupy Philadelphia protesters overnight to make way for a long-planned construction project (see complete coverage).

Nutter called the eviction a success, “There were no fights, no injuries, no confrontations and no incidents on the Plaza. Philadelphia Police Department executed this operation completely in accordance with the plan that has been in development for the past few weeks.”

The eviction began around 1 a.m., when police blocked off the area around City Hall and issued warnings to protesters still occupying the plaza. By 2 a.m., all individuals still living on the plaza were removed. And by 3 a.m., the cleanup was underway.

The mayor says an estimated 55-60 protesters were arrested. He says the city’s goal has always been to respect the first amendment rights of the Occupy Philadelphia demonstrators, while balancing the needs of the city.

Reported by Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio 1060