SOUTH JERSEY (CBS) — Although it was flooded by Hurricane Irene, New Jersey’s Historic Batsto Village is now welcoming visitors.

The two rivers that made the location great for iron-forging and, starting in 1766, glassmaking were the cause of Batsto’s trouble.

“It was the Monday after the storm that we saw both the Batsto River and the Mullica River basically converge in our lower village and bring two to three feet of water into our village,” says Wharton State Forest Superintendant Rob Auermuller.

He also says that about 20 buildings in the village were touched by floodwaters, but the main floors of only three buildings were flooded.

Still, says Auermuller, Batsto is ready for the holidays with a “Victorian Christmas to Remember” on December 4th, complete with dulcimer music, dramatic vignettes “and the Batsto Mansion will be decorated for the holiday season.”

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Reported by Molly Daly, KYW Newsradio