5:40 The Congressional Deficit Supercommittee failed to reach an agreement to cut the deficit.

5:43 The Sequester Option of spending cuts are hardly onerous.

5:55 Pat Toomey and the Republicans on the Supercommittee offered a plan earlier in the month.

6:11 Former FBI Director Louie Freeh will head Penn State’s Child Abuse Probe.

6:13 Tom Corbett may be the new villain in the Penn State abuse scandal for waiting too long to act.

6:40 Chris talks to Sarah Martinez-Helfman, Executive Director of the Eagles Youth Partnership, about their nomination for Sports Team of the Year Award at the Beyond Sport Conference which will be held next month in South Africa.

6:55 Mitt Romney has admitted tasting a beer and sampling a cigarette as a wayward youth.

Mitt Romney (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

 7:11 The Mayor’s office and Occupy Philadelphia are negotiating a move across the street for renovations to procede at Dilworth Plaza.

7:14 Are tent cities free speech?

8:10 Chris talks to Jeff Lanza, a former FBI Agent, about the appointment of Louie Freeh to investigate the Penn State abuse scandal.

8:40 Chris talks to John O’Hurley about hosting the Philadelphia Dog Show.

John O'Hurley (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)