By Lesley Van Arsdall

Now that the Eagles are 3 and 6 and playoff chances are slim to none, I’ve noticed a very different atmosphere in the locker room. There is no joking around. In fact, there is hardly any talking at all.

This is the time they are going to have to pull it together and push through – something that has to be tough to do considering you have a quarterback that is constantly injured (and now out for Sunday’s game against the Giants) a wide receiver who seems to be more focused on his contract situation, and the choice of defensive coordinator seems to be the wrong one.

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins seems to be the voice of reason lately. He says, “The frustration is going to come. Everybody is going to be frustrated and we should be. It’s just how we handle the frustration. You can let it become negative or you find ways to turn it into a positive.”