PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Score one for the waiters, as City Council approved a bill that stops restaurant owners in Philadelphia from deducting credit card fees from the waiters’ tips.

By a 14-to-2 vote, City Council approved and sent to the mayor a bill that prohibits what is thought to be a growing practice: restaurant owners deducting some credit cards fees from the tips of waiters.

One of those voting no was Councilman Bill Green.

“This is the same as a targeted tax increase.”

But Councilman Bill Greenlee rejected his colleague’s claim, and said all this is about is fairness.

“When I give that tip, I expect it to go to the server, I think it’s very simple.  It’s about giving people what they deserve.”

The mayor is expected to sign the bill.

The Pennsylvania Restaurant Association has blamed the practice of deductions from tips on the high fees of credit cards companies, and the group predicts this bill could put some eateries out of business.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060