PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The ‘Occupy Philly’ Protesters tried to move their camp from Dilworth Plaza outside of City Hall to Thomas Payne Plaza, which is outside of the Municipal Services Building. Once they started the migration, they were stopped by police who said they did not have a permit for the new location.

Occupier Henry Dirkson was a part of the group of about 300 people that met for more than three hours to determine the details of the relocation effort.

“I thought it would have been better to wait until tomorrow so we could get a little more time to spread the word, but the consensus was tonight is the moment and we are going to seize it,” he said.

Occupy Organizer Gwen Snyer says the protesters believed they would be forcibly evicted if they did not move.

“We had not expected to be met with police resistance. We honestly thought we were complying with the demands of the mayor.”

Police Commissioner Ramsey says the city had no plans to evict protesters and asked the occupiers to stay put until they can agree on an alternative location.

The other decision occupiers wrestled with was where to move. A number of the protesters wanted to move to Rittenhouse Square, but there was some concern over whether they would have access to bathrooms, a meeting space and a kitchen and hot food- something they have access to at the MSB Building.

Reported by Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio