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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Wyck Historic House and Garden at Germantown Avenue and Walnut Lane is a very special place that even includes a small farm and hens that lay eggs. You can tour the 300-year old house and historic rose garden much of the year, but this week, you can also help out.

Tomorrow, Thursday from 10 to 2, and Saturday from 9 to 4, The Wyck’s Chicks, as their laying hens are known, need your help for a rock-moving party. This very wet year has been tough on the hens and they need to move to higher dryer ground. There’s a perfect spot on the property, except that it’s full of big rocks. So, strong, willing, kind people like you are invited to please help clear the ground for the hens. You’ll get a good workout and a hot lunch as a thank you, and the satisfaction of supporting this precious historic place we’re privileged to have within city limits.

RSVP to EMorrow@Wyck.org to help at the Wyck Historic House this Thursday or Saturday, so they’ll know how much chili to make for lunch.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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