PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – After our early season snowstorm, powerlines and property damage were top priorities, so many gardeners and arborists are still getting around to dealing with the trees themselves. Does the entire tree need to come down? Can you save part of it? That depends.

In some cases, the storm really just revealed a long-festering problem, you can often see where disease was rotting out an old tree trunk inside, and the rest of big dying trees like that should be safely removed by a professional. But many young healthy trees just cracked from the weight of heavy wet snow on leaf-laden branches, so give those trees a second chance.

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If you have the right tools and some experience, you can prune smaller trees that you can safely reach yourself. Use clean, proper pruning cuts, then let the tree heal on its own. The tree will grow over the wound to compartmentalize the damage, and send out new shoots to fill in bare spots as the tree continues to enjoy a long and healthy life in your landscape.

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Here’s how one do it yourselfer prunes small trees:

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Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio