PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Oak and maple trees are always fall favorites with leaves in ever-changing colors from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. But you can enjoy a similar show with some of our great native shrubs like the Maple Leaf Viburnum and the Oakleaf Hydrangea.

The Mapleleaf Viburnum has little white flowers in spring, surrounded by green, maple-shaped leaves that turn purpley-rosey-red before falling for winter – leaving little black fruits that feed the birds in the cold months. Oakleaf Hydrangea’s summer white flowers are spikes age to a pinky-mauve, while their oakleaf-foliage turns deep gold to burgundy before dropping.

Both shrubs are easy to grow and no raking is required. So, even if you have no room for big trees, you can still have plenty of fall color with our native Mapleleaf Viburnum and Oakleaf Hydrangea.

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Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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