PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Unless you have been living in a cave you know by now that I have an addiction to politics, especially covering politicos. I have never met a politician I didn’t like. I will take that back immediately. I didn’t like a few of then, but everyone is allowed to have a few secrets, right?

I have to admit that this election has been a lot more interesting to watch than most people thought it would. But there are a few things that I won’t miss.

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Mug Shots —

If you didn’t know who Jim Whelan, and Vince Polistina, the candidates for Senate in Atlantic County are, you would think their pictures, selected by each side to paint the ugliest pictures in TV ads, are mug shots from CSI New Jersey! There is no such program, but gimme a break; their pictures are grim and scary. Both are made to look like suspects.

Same goes for Josh Shapiro, Leslie Richards, Jenny Brown and Bruce Castor. As a group, the Montgomery County Commissioner candidates are well-groomed and fairly pleasant people. In their campaigns, the opponent’s faces are always black and white pictures. What ever happened to color photography? Once again, you would think that Bruce. Josh, Jenny and Leslie have just been arrested in a shoplifting sting!

Timing Of Ads –

In an effort to be reach the widest audience, some ads appear in prime time. Some run at strange times. One ad ran Sunday night on the “Good Wife”, in a segment after the good wife is a bad wife cheating on her politician husband who is, on TV, a serial cheater.

Another ad ran in the final moments of the Eagles game. The Eagles game is a good buy, except when the team is about to lose. As we all know, the team lost, and there were a zillion people watching the game. Did the campaign buy the final minutes to alert those viewers. If so, it was a good idea, but we all know that the Eagles losing is one of the great down moments in Philadelphia life.

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Accusations –

If you believed every ad run in that Montco race, you would believe that all four candidates 1. Love taxes. 2. Are incompetent . 3. Will destroy civilization as we know it.

Are they all that bad? Actually, all four are competent people who are successful in their own fields.

Lawn Signs –

I have only one thing to say. Pick them up. Recycle them.

I love elections, but there are some aspects of it that are better left behind.

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio

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