5:40 Herman Cain says he never sexually harassed anyone.

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6:10 Chris talks to Fox News Sr. Contributor Brit Hume about why Conservatives are not embracing Mitt Romney.

6:27 Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce after being married for 72 days.

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 6:40 The Occupy Wall Street Protesters want to trademark their name.

6:50 The snowstorm and cold front is making life more difficult for the protesters.

7:12 Chris talks to the Executive Director of the Commonwealth Foundation, Matt Brouillette, about tonight’s meeting that will feature Lt. Governor Jim Cawley in King of Prussia.

7:40 Chris talks to Anderson Cooper about moderating the last Republican debate and hosting two television shows at the same time.

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8:10 Chris talks to Mayor Michael Nutter in advance of next week’s election.

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