By Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio Special Contributor

You may have heard that veteran Pa. State Senator Stewart Greenleaf has announced he is running for the Republican Presidential Nomination in the New Hampshire Primary. But wait! Greenleaf says he is not in it to win, but to just make sure he has a platform to state his views in fixing the American economy, including solving the debt crisis. Greenleaf is number 44 of the announced candidates.

You too can join the field.

I called New Hampshire state government. All you need is proof of U.S. Citizenship, an easy form to fill out and a check for $1,000.00. Take those steps and you can join Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and the rest of the Republican field, including Stuart Greenleaf. This is your chance. Seize the moment.


An update on an earlier posting on the long time feud between Bruce Castor, candidate in the heated Montgomery County Commissioner’s race, and Republican super fundraiser Bob Asher. The report spotlighted the fact that Asher tried to heal the wounds in the 2007 election. Castor called me to respond. He rejects that version, and says it was he who used Republican heavyweights like Arlen Specter to mediate the dispute and that Asher failed to respond. Asher stands by his earlier statements. The feud continues.

$$$$ Talks

Money is doing the talking in the Montco Commissioner’s race. The full figures won’t be released for a week or more, but the combined spending in that contest, according to reliable sources, may top $3,000,000. That would make it the richest race in Pennsylvania.