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By Larry Kane, Special Contributor KYW Newsradio

As politics goes, this is an exciting week, with behind the scenes action moving at a rapid pace.

Nowhere is the action more furious than the Democratic Party’s campaign to unseat the only currently-serving Republican district councilman Brian O’Neill, a veteran who serves the 1oth district in Northeast Philadelphia. This year, O’Neill faces a direct threat from Democrat Bill Rubin. But reliable sources in the Democratic Party, that’s the right, the Democratic Party, expect O’Neill to prevail. Why? Because Rubin has not connected yet with Democratic Ward leaders in the 10th district. We should note that Democrats have a 20-thousand advantage in the tenth district, but O’Neill has done a good job of taking care of all of his district.

But wait, there is more!

One possible problem spot for O’Neill? Long time City Councilman Frank Rizzo has supported Rubin, with his own money and we have learned, a series of “robo calls” that start on Wednesday. He will also be part of direct mail literature. The Rizzo for Rubin campaign could be impactful.

The Robo calls and direct mail campaign was a secret until now. Rizzo has decided to go “all-in.”

Politics can be dangerous when it becomes personal. O’Neill stripped Rizzo of his “Whip” position recently. That, according to insiders, brought insult to injury, since the Republican organization that O’Neill answers to, helped defeat Rizzo in the May Primary.

Rizzo is livid, but happy now that he has turned Independent. “ It’s not revenge, “ he tells us. “I just want quality in government. And I plan to continue speaking out in the future on a variety of issues and causes.”

Rizzo and the family name still strikes a chord with voters in Northeast Philadelphia.

This one is going to be interesting to watch.

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