By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Occupy Philadelphia got a taste of winter from this weekend’s storm.

Occupiers say they hunkered down during the snow and freezing rain, clearing the tarps and tents to keep them from collapsing. But with the cold, the group is asking for donations of hats, scarves, coats and socks.

There is a concern, however, among members that donations to Occupy may take away from donations to organizations that give to the needy.

“We do have a very large homeless population on grounds here with us,” one protestor said. “We consider them our brothers in arms, we embrace them with open arms, we do everything we can to help them, and they do everything they can to help us. We’re in this together.”

And they hope their movement can bring more attention to the homeless and may get more people to donate to the needy.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060