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By Justin Drabick

Yesterday’s early season snowstorm is long gone, but it has left cold air in its wake. Freeze warnings are in effect tonight for Philadelphia and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey with the exception of the coast.

All other areas in Pennsylvania that are not under the warning already have had their first freeze. Late October and early November are pretty common times for having the first frost/freeze of the season. So the growing season comes to an end for many locations as we finish off the month of October.

Low temperatures will dip into the upper 20s for many suburbs, especially areas with snow cover. Here in the city and areas along the river, bay, and ocean, temperatures will remain above freezing.

However, it will still be very chilly in the 30s when you wake up tomorrow. A moderating trend will occur this week as both the highs and lows will be closer to average.

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