By Veronica Dudo

In June 2011, Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris was engaged to marry Hugh Hefner, but just days before the wedding, she ran away–sparking a media frenzy–and made headlines as the “Runaway Bride.” Last week, the 25-year-old auctioned off her 3.39 carat diamond ring for a reported $46,000–just half of the amount the Playboy founder originally paid when he popped the question.

On Wednesday night, Harris was in Atlantic City, hosting the industry Halloween bash at the Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort, where she dished about auctioning off her ring, moving on from her public breakup and what her future holds.

Welcome to Atlantic City! Have you been here before?

I’ve never been here before–I love it! It’s so cool. I didn’t know what to expect; it’s like Vegas, plus the water’s beautiful. I love it here.

Hugh Hefner gave you a diamond ring that was reportedly $90,000 and you recently auctioned it off. How did you feel selling the ring?

It was bittersweet, it was a bad breakup, it went everywhere and it got switched and the media completely portrayed it differently than it happened. But yeah, Christie’s wanted the ring, so it went up for auction.

Back in June, you called off your wedding just days before the ceremony. Have you moved on?

Yes, his name is Jordan. We met through music; he’s a music producer and he’s great—we’re the same age. You know, I really love Hef and I care about him so much, but at the end of the day, it’s not what I ultimately wanted.

Are you on good terms with Hugh Hefner?

Yeah, I went over there not too long ago, and we talk, and our dog is still with Hef.

(Credit: Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphis Photography)

Your song, “Club Queen” was released over the summer. Will you continue to pursue a career in music?

Yeah, it came out; I wasn’t the happiest with it, so I’m working on new stuff now.

What other projects are you working on?

Right now I’m just in talks with different networks, and hopefully getting a show on the air with me and my friends. I live right off of the Sunset Strip in L.A., and I love it.

Besides modeling and music, what else do you see yourself doing in the future?

I really want to do business, so I’m working on business ideas with my friend. We found a little store, so we’re going to open a little boutique, so it will be fun!