PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Every year, more and more yards are filled with Halloween decorations, which now rivals Christmas for deco spending – (and likely storage space in basements and attics). But you can just let your garden do the decorating, with native plants from Sugar Maples to Oak trees sporting every autumn color, to blueberry bushes burning bright red, and Amsonia’s golden glow, Nature puts on a pretty good show.

And instead of stretching fake fibers across your shrubbery like people do, why not let spiders spin some silk for you? A recent misty morning walk around my yard revealed an amazing array of intricate webs between branches and even blades of grass. Delicate draping of detailed lace displayed in dramatic patterns. Check the photo of their fancy footwork here, then, take a walk to see what kinds of web wonders spiders are weaving in your yard for Halloween.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio