PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When it comes times to adopt, sadly, many times people tend to overlook senior animals. Unfortunately they tend to focus on age instead of seeing all the benefits that a senior pet has to offer. Senior dogs and cats make wonderful companions and older dogs can make excellent therapy dogs. Older pets often possess milder temperaments, lower energy levels and most likely are already housebroken. They appreciate the warmth and security of a stable environment and a loving home. And they’re at a stage in their lives where they’re in a more relaxed state and are truly content with creating a bond and becoming a loyal and loving companion.

Senior pets make great companions for adults, as well as seniors and older children. Older animals can be great teachers, as they can teach important life lessons of love, caring and nurturing. But senior pets may not always be comfortable around young children. Many times children may naturally exude an excitable energy that may be too much for a senior pet to handle.

Although they may require less exercise, older pets still have plenty of life in them and plenty of love to share. Guaranteed, you’ll experience appreciation, a strong bond, and the fulfillment of knowing that you gave a senior a second chance at life.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio