124715321 Eagles Center Jason Kelce Talks About ‘Sign’ Controversy On WIP

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Eagles starting center Jason Kelce was on SportsRadio 94 WIP Friday morning to discuss a controversy surrounding the employment status of head coach Andy Reid.

The situation began when an Eagles’ fan, fittingly known as “Sign Man,” hung a sign outside the team’s practice facility in South Philadelphia Monday that read: “Andy The Times … To Go.”

The sign was a play on Reid’s line “The Time’s Yours” that he says to the media letting them know that he is done talking and is ready to take questions during a news conference.

While leaving the facility on Monday with a teammate, Kelce saw the sign and ask those responsible for it to take it down.

“I think that we’re just as entitled to ask them to take the sign down as they are to put the sign up,” Kelce said Friday morning while on with Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team.

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Kelce said he wasn’t “trying to inhibit Freedom of Speech” when he asked for the sign to be removed.

“Right now we’re sitting 1-4, we’re going through some tough times right now. And on our own facilities, right in front of us, that’s the last thing we need,” Kelce said.

There were reports that Kelce said he would take the sign down himself.

“We did say that we would get out of the car and take the sign down, but we never mentioned anything physical. If that was implied, I apologize for that,” Kelce said.

Kelce said he would not have gotten physical with the fans to take the sign down.

“The goal was not to go there to disrespect him. The only thing I told him to do was take down the sign. I didn’t get into a verbal altercation with him, that wasn’t my purpose to be there.”

“The point is that this whole thing could have been avoided if we would have taken care of business on the field,” Kelce said.

Kelce then offered an apology to Eagles’ fans.

“I owe the fan base an apology for being 1-4 and I owe the fan base an apology for being an offensive lineman that has allowed the quarterback to be hit 29 times.”

Kelce also offered an apology to John, a.k.a. the “Sign Man.”

“Sign Man” was a fixture at Veterans Stadium for several years when the Eagles played their home games there. He would hang signs along the railing that spoke about the current state of the team. Some were controversial, but most were amusing.

When the Eagles moved to Lincoln Financial Field, “Sign Man’s” signs were nowhere to be found.

Reported By Steve Beck, CBSPhilly.com

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