Dave Huddleston reports…

UPPER MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — When it comes to hockey, Jordan Fromm is always eager for more. The 14-year-old goalie from Upper Montgomery County plays on two teams, but it’s what he does off the ice that attracted our attention.

“About two or three years ago, our family friend asked me if I wanted $25 for every shutout I got during the hockey season. And I thought about it, and I thought that I’d rather give it to charity for kids who are less fortunate that I am,” Jordan explains.

This expanded way beyond one friend! Jordan created a website, Shutouts for Kids, when he was 12. He started raising money from sponsors for two charities — The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, and Make-A-Wish. He says, “Well, the first year I raised $5,000. Last year I doubled my goal, and got $11,000.”

Jordan even met Ed Snider and presented a check on the National Hockey League Network. Jordan’s dad Lou says, he can’t help but be proud.

“He has food on the table, he has certain things that maybe make him, a kid, feel that he has everything, but to realize, there are kids that need help, I think he’s figuring out he’s making a difference, and that, that, that means a lot,” Lou says.

This year, Jordan hopes to raise $20,000 dollars. He hopes for a good hockey career, too, but he already knows that’s not everything, “because I’m so fortunate to have everything that I have, like an Xbox or a computer or a phone. Some kids don’t have that. I thought it would be nice to give those kids something, too.”


Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS3