PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Lots of lawns look lousy right now. June and July were droughty then it has poured rain for two months. Some lawns burned out during the drought and now have ruts from raging water. It’s even been hard to mow properly with all the damp days.

The good news is that fall is the best time to fix what’s wrong with your lawn, so let’s get started.

Regrade if you need to before you reseed – to get rid of low soggy spots or help keep water out of your basement.

Replace soil where rushing rains washed it away.

And test your soil to see if you need to add lime. Some garden centers will do it on the spot, or you can always send a sample to your county extension.

By doing this prep work, you’ll be able to seed your lawn so it can spend all fall growing good deep roots. And that’ll give your grass a big head start in the spring to help it survive whatever NEXT summer’s weather turns out to be.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio