PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is estimated that about fifteen percent of children have at least one developmental delay.

We know that early detection of problems is very helpful because treatment can be started earlier. Unfortunately only about half of children with developmental delays will be identified before kindergarten.

I have a couple of opinions on this. First, any time that you as a parent feel that your child is not developing the way he or she should be, you should not hesitate to ask. Yes, there are parents who stress over toilet training and the child on the block who seems to be way ahead of yours and yes, this is probably overreacting in many cases but when you see something or several things that don’t seem right, you need to voice it.

This can lead to earlier detection. The other point is that we need to improve the types of screening forms and questions in doctors’ offices to have the best chance at early detection.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor