5:41 The Phillies finished the regular season with a team record 102 wins and knocked the Braves out of the playoffs at the same time.

pence throws out uggla Stigall Show Log 9.29.11

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

6:12 Rick Perry apologized for calling those that disagreed with his stance on in-state tuition for illegal aliens heartless.

6:19 It’s time to start taking Herman Cain’s campaign seriously.

6:40 Pennsylvania lawmakers have passed restrictions on teen drivers.

7:10 Darden Foods, owner of the Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains, agreed to make menu concessions regarding fat and sodium as part of Michelle Obama’s health food program.

7:20 Ford has pulled a television ad criticising competitors for taking bailout assistance.

7:29 Gibson Guitars have become a cause celebe for conservatives.

7:45 The Gibson Guitar raid is an overstep by the Federal Government. 

8:15 Two Eagles Beat Writers got into a fight in the press room at the Nova Care complex yesterday.

8:40 On Saturday, Philadelphia will commemorate the first volunteer fire company in the nation, begun by Ben Franklin in 1736.

chris ben franklin and ed welch Stigall Show Log 9.29.11