PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Goldenrod isn’t what makes you sneeze in September — it’s the ragweed that often grows nearby that causes allergies. Goldenrod blooms at the same time and it’s such a showy yellow, it often gets blamed – but goldenrod pollen is very sticky and stays on the flowers. It never blows up your nose.

You may see great swaths of goldenrod by the side of the road about now, or even spot it in one of your garden beds. If you don’t want it exactly where you find it, instead of removing it like a weed, just move it instead. Dig it out and replant it where you’d be happy to have this great native plant grow, such as along the back edge of your yard.

There, it’ll beckon pollinators you want in your garden, like honeybees and beautiful butterflies. Overtime, goldenrod can grow into a nice stand, a mini meadow to help shelter birds and even bunnies. So when you see some bright yellow goldenrod, enjoy it – along with the many cute critters it’ll welcome to your yard too.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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