By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is a sad statistic and a sign of the times: half of the Philadelphia area 20-somethings are unemployed.

Kristen Kane, Director of Social Media and Recruiting for Kane Partners, a Lansdale staffing agency, explains why 20-somethings are having so much trouble.

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“There are so many ‘millenials’ that when they graduate they have this sense of entitlement. (They say) ‘I’m going to get a job at a high paying amount.’ I think they are selling themselves short,” Kane said. “It’s actually a three-step process: One is submitting your resume; two is landing the interview; and it’s not until the third step, the job offer, that you actually have a choice to say yes or no.”

Kane explains the other challenge today’s job market poses.

“Fifty percent of today’s job market is called ‘hidden.’ The jobs are available, they are just not being advertised.”

They are not advertised because companies are looking to their employees to refer people they know. Because of that, Kane said networking has never been more crucial.

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“It’s not just, ‘Hi, my name is.’” It’s actually getting out there and meeting new people in the areas that you’re looking to find a job,” Kane said.

Kane said to make sure your Facebook page has a mature, professional look and to watch what you post on other people’s pages.

“(The people getting jobs) are being proactive. They’re showing up to an interview prepared. They know how to overcome an objection and they’re saying, ‘This is why I want the job and why you should hire me,’” Kane explained.

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio 1060

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