By Seth Everett

That losing streak is a distant memory. Now the Phillies have won 2 in a row, and people have finally returned to normal after that panic attack.

Charlie Manuel is handling these final 4 games perfectly. No panic, yet a genuine concern about his offense. This is the same concern that has plagued the Phillies offense for the last 2 seasons. The names are there, all the stars can get hot at anytime. However, most are banged up, and nobody is really hitting the cover off the ball.

100 wins has significance. In 1976 & 1977, the Philiies won 101 games. Neither team won the World Series. The Phillies can eclipse that total with wins tonight. I choose to look at it this way: No team has won 100 games in Phillies’ history and won the World Series.

Needless to say, the pressure is really building for the squad. I can’t imagine the fallout if they don’t win their 3rd World Series. I actually hope the players never get that sense given the talent in that clubhouse.

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