PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Even if you’re not a gardener, planting a tree or shrub for a friend, colleague or family member who has died is a simple act that can help turn some of your sadness into solace.

Seeing a plant thrive through the years – leafing out in spring, blooming in summer, changing colors in fall, collecting snowflakes in winter – reminds you of happy times together in every season. It’s also a good place to stop by and share your stories as you always did – like the best of friends, plants are very good listeners.

You might nickname it after the person you plant it for. Or, choose a cultivar with his or her name already in it, such as the “Jack pine” tree or a Rhododendron named ‘Karin’.

And if you can’t plant where you live, you can always make a donation to an arboretum to plant something for you, often with a dedication plaque. There, it will stand in testament, sharing the joys of a life well-lived with everyone who passes by, as the tree or shrub you plant in memory today grows and flourishes for generations to come.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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