PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The rainy weather didn’t put a damper on attitudes about the first day back to school.

“I get to see all my friends and have fun and stuff with my teacher,” said Anyshia Rivera of Laura Wheeler Warning Elementary.

The new school year brings new leadership. Acting Philadelphia Schools Superintendent, Dr. Leroy Nunery II, who was the Deputy Superintendent for Philadelphia Schools, says he is excited about his new role.

“Discipline determines destiny and if you are focused on you work, on what you can control and you do it well, a lot of good things will happen,” said Dr. Nunery. “I;m a prime example of that.”

Dr. Nunery talked to CBS 3 about his plans for this school year, his plans for the future and the differences between him and his predecessor, Dr. Arlene Ackerman.

“I’m not traditional,” said Dr. Nunery. “At this time we need non-traditional leadership.” His background in the private sector as an education consultant, he says, only adds to his leadership abilities. “I tend to put a lot of attention on detail and outreach. That combination of those things, I think, will give people a better sense of confidence,” explained Dr. Nunery.

Dr. Nunery knows the district still faces some serious financial issues and he’s up for the challenge. He says he has a great relationship with the School Reform Commission, a group brought in by the state, that is responsible for overseeing district operations. When asked whether Dr. Nunery will apply for the job as Superintendent he said he was going to take care of home first.

“I’m working on the goal in front of me which is to make sure that as acting superintendent, I do the best job and acting superintendent can do.”