PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Temple University has sprung back to life with the annual arrival of incoming freshmen.

Clothing and linens are “must haves” on moving-in day, but today’s tech savvy freshmen also have to bring along their electronics.

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“Got my iPod and my TV, so I’m ready,” said one young woman.   What was she going to hook her iPod up to?

“My iHome.”

How about CDs?

“They’re all on the iPod now, so you don’t need them anymore.”

Another freshman, Zach Mangione, brought along a TV with all the bells and whistles — and he can thank his dad for that.

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“Twenty-four inches, LCD, HDTV.  Graduation gift.”

“And his roommate also brought along an Xbox,” chimed in a friend, “so they’re not really going to school.”

Michael Scales, Temple’s associate vice president for student affairs, says iPads and reading tablets are the newest items to complement the obligatory PCs and laptops.

“Our students stay well ahead of the technology, in comparison to an average person like myself,” Scales admits.

Reported by Paul Kurtz, KYW Newsradio 1060

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