By Seth Everett

The topic about Cole Hamels is not about the disabled list. In this instance, the Philies are buying themselves a couple of days to figure out if he can really go, and get Pete Orr on the bench in the process. That’s not the subject that Phillies fans should be considering.

Angels P Jared Weaver signed a contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It’s reported to be a 5-year deal worth a reported $85 million. Weaver was eligible for free agency after the 2012 season, for the 1st time in his career.

Industry people said that if Weaver stayed healthy, and went the free agent route, he could command $40 million more than what he signed for. When I asked people who cover the Angels why he would do it, they said he “really wanted to be an Angel.”

Wait, I thought this was a post about Cole Hamels? Hamels is also a free agent after 2012. His numbers are freakishly similar to Weaver’s. Hamels is 1 year younger than Weaver, but in terms of service time, they are close to identical.

There ERAs are in the 3.39-range, while Hamels has thrown about 33 innings more than Weaver. Throw in Hamels’ post-season experience, and maybe $85 million is a little low, but the numbers are very close.

So, here’s the debate: Should the Phillies offer a similar deal THIS off-season? Would Cole consider that, as opposed to a year leaning towards free agency. The Phillies would do their franchise a great service if Cole never reaches free agency. But could this be a chance to gauge Cole’s feelings about being a Philadelphia Phillies for a long time? Or would he relish the chance to be a free agent, like his teammate Cliff Lee was last winter.

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