5:41 There is uncertainty in Libya after one of Qaddafi’s sons, Saif, surfaces free after having been reported being captured by the rebels

800 gadhafis son libya ap 110823 Stigall Show Log 8.23.11

5:43 Six people were shot during a basketball game at a Southwest Philly Rec. center. 

5:45 Arlene Ackerman is out as Philadelphia Superintendent and will recieve quite a buyout which includes anonymous private donations.

082011 ackerman 400 Stigall Show Log 8.23.11

6:10 Maxine Waters tells the Tea Party to go to hell and Rick Santorum responds

6:40 Biden stepped in it again, this time approving of China’s One-Child policy.

biden Stigall Show Log 8.23.11

7:10 CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons joins Chris to breakdown the Libyan rebels taking control of Tripoli.

7:43 Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeff Gammage talks to Chris about the events that lead up to Arlene Ackerman stepping down.

8:10 PA State Rep. Dan Truitt joins Chris to talk about cutting back on State funded pensions.

8:45 Chris plays an announcement from AAFF, The Arlene Ackerman First Fund, collecting donations for her buyout.