5:41 There is uncertainty in Libya after one of Qaddafi’s sons, Saif, surfaces free after having been reported being captured by the rebels

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5:43 Six people were shot during a basketball game at a Southwest Philly Rec. center. 

5:45 Arlene Ackerman is out as Philadelphia Superintendent and will recieve quite a buyout which includes anonymous private donations.

6:10 Maxine Waters tells the Tea Party to go to hell and Rick Santorum responds

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6:40 Biden stepped in it again, this time approving of China’s One-Child policy.

7:10 CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons joins Chris to breakdown the Libyan rebels taking control of Tripoli.

7:43 Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeff Gammage talks to Chris about the events that lead up to Arlene Ackerman stepping down.

8:10 PA State Rep. Dan Truitt joins Chris to talk about cutting back on State funded pensions.

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8:45 Chris plays an announcement from AAFF, The Arlene Ackerman First Fund, collecting donations for her buyout.