PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New rules from the Department of Transportation, designed to enhance airline passenger’s rights, go into effect today.

Passenger’s rights advocates like Business Travel Coalition Chairman Kevin Mitchell are celebrating these new policies.

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“I think these rules, taken as a whole, represent the most sweeping consumer protections int he airline industry in the history of the Department of Transportation, they’re stunning in their scope.”

This is the first wave of rules passed back in April.

So, as of today:

– An airline has to refund any baggage fees if a checked bag is lost.

– Any extra fees, such as taxes or baggage fees, need to be listed on an airlines’ website.

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– You will get paid more if you’re involuntarily bumped from an overbooked flight.

The rule that says passengers cannot be stuck on the tarmac for more than four hours is now extended to cover international carriers.

Another wave of rules kicks in January. Some airlines are fighting these rules saying they will result in higher ticket prices which would be fine for passenger Craig Stevens as long as the airlines are more transparent.

“Then increase the ticket price so we really know what we’re paying for. It’s all the hidden fees, just to be up front, just tell me what the cost is so I can figure it out.”

Some of the airlines are also saying the new rules could result in a decrease in service, especially to smaller airports.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060

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