LIMERICK, Pa. (CBS) — Everything is operating normally at the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in Montgomery County in the wake of the earthquake that shook the Philadelphia region Tuesday afternoon.

Shortly after the quake, Limerick declared what’s called an “unusual event.” That’s the terminology used by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the nuclear power industry. Plant spokesman Joe Szafran says the two reactors are operating safely at full power.

“We always have procedures in place for these types of events like the procedure that we are running through now is specifically for seismic activity, so we pull out of this binder, we run down what do we need to do, who do we need to call,” said Szafran.

A preliminary inspection of the equipment indicated that everything seemed to be okay, but engineers and plant officials will continue to monitor the equipment just in case any aftershocks shake the Philadelphia region.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio