5:40 Repbublicans held off a Democratic effort to take control of the State Legislature in Wisconsin by winning  four of six recall elections.

5:43 The sky isn’t falling in Wisconsin.

scott walker Stigall Show Log 8.10.11

6:11 Verizon says their cable lines are being cut during a strike by their employees.

6:25 Kate Bilo is preparing to leave Chris behind and move to 5 and 6 pm on CBS 3.

kate bilo Stigall Show Log 8.10.11

6:30 Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey is now counseling female prison inmates.

6:43 The Onion is now reporting on the debt ceiling deal and the credit downgrade.

6:55 Whole Foods rolled out a Ramadan marketing campaign and then retreated from it.

7:17 The weak econonmy is causing people to cancel their cable/satellite TV service.

7:43 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Ben Simoneau about a third flash mob assault.

8:10 Chris talks to Larry Kane about his book, Death by Deadline, flash mobs, and his thoughts on the efforts to privatize Pennsylvania’s state liquor stores.