IMMACULATA, Pa. (CBS) – Bottled water is all the rage, but the disposable plastic bottles, not so much, so Immaculata University is installing new-fangled water fountains with an eye toward refills.

If you’ve ever tried to refill your water bottle from a fountain, you know how iffy it can be.  With a strong arc of water, you’re fine, but anything less and you might have to settle for a quarter-fill of an angled bottle.

Dennis Shores, Immaculata’s Director of Facilities, says the school is installing 20 devices to solve that problem, “It’s actually just an extension of the water fountain backsplash.  It just has a water bottle sensor where you just stick your water bottle in front of the sensor.  Water fills it up from the top and it also gives you a counter that will let you know the amount of water bottles that you have actually saved from the land fill.”

And Shores says the station has lots of green benefits, “So we’ve taken the benefit of having a water fountain and given people the opportunity to refill their water bottles.  This is helping us reduce the amount of plastic water bottles that people bring to campus or would have to recycle.”

And, if you’re really retro and just want a drink from the fountain, you can do that too.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060

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