PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The debt and deficit deal of last week doesn’t solve anything, according to a lawyer and author who says the only hope for the future is to carefully change the Constitution, and not by amendment.

Federal power and spending fry Paul Antinori’s bacon. He blames “activist judges” and says Congress won’t make the necessary changes because it would lose influence. The alternative is 33 state legislatures essentially do an end-around by calling for a Constitutional Convention.

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Antinori wants it to be very narrowly focused but acknowledges any delegate can propose any change.

“If you sign the petition that I’ve framed that asks for a convention because we specifically have in mind to amend the Commerce clause and the spending clause of the Constitution to reduce the size of government, that message goes to the state legislatures,” says Antinori.

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Which presumably will choose delegates from among like-minded people. Antinori lays out the whole case in his book, A Modest Proposal to Amend the Constitution.

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Reported By John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio