5:40 Some liberals are calling for Hillary Clinton to challenge Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary.

5:49 The debt ceiling debate was a political drag on President Obama.

6:11 Eagles Defensive Lineman Mike Patterson has been diagnosed with AVM.

6:13 Team owner Jeffrey Lurie downplayed the talk that the Eagles are a “Dream Team.”

6:15 Peggy Noonan says the President overestimates his rhetorical powers.

6:42 Sherri Sheppard said on The View that Congessman Doug Lamborn comparing President Obama to a tar baby is racist.

6:44 Eric Holder addressed the National Assoication of Black Journalists at the convention center.

6:48 Cornel West says President Obama is not angry enough.

7:10 Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about yesterday’s market crash on Finance Friday.

8:12 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Beasley Reece with an update on Eagles Defensive Lineman Mike Patterson and Hunter Pence’s first week with the Phillies.

8:40 Chris talks to former Chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Jonathan Newman, about privatizing the state stores.