PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New help for women who struggle with thinning hair. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl shows you the results.

“You can’t feel a thing,” said 53-year-old Ellen Langas, who uses the HairMax LaserComb three times a week.

“I definitely see the difference in thickness, where I was having a lot of problem was right up in through here. It was really thinning. And I don’t have that problem anymore,” said Ellen.

The author of “The Girls Know How” series, says her hair started falling out and thinning in her 40’s. It runs in her family. Her mom’s hair got really thin as she aged.

“It caused me a lot of anxiety. It dramatically affected how I felt about myself. You know, when you just don’t have that confidence that you look like you,” said Ellen.

HairMax was first FDA cleared for marketing to men with hereditary hair loss, and has now received the same clearance for women.

“We know that the wave length will penetrate into the skin and give the stimulation to the cells and the hair,” said Dr. Ken Washenik, a dermatologist and hair loss expert with a company called Bosley, that sells the laser comb.

“They’ve done clinical trials. They’ve been able to show that over six months you have an increase in the number of hairs that you can count,” said Dr. Washenik.

Stephanie asked Dr. Washenik, “Skeptics say these are not independent studies, not double blinded studies and that there’s no science here to prove that this works?”

Dr. Washenik responded, “These studies were done similar to the norm, what has now become a gold standard for hair studies.” He stands by the research, but concedes that the device won’t work for everyone, and they don’t know why.

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“I feel that I’m not doing anything invasive. I feel really safe,” said Ellen. She uses the LaserComb for the recommended 11 minutes for each treatment and says her hair is thick, like it used to be.

“I’ve just been thrilled,” said Ellen.

The price of the HairMax LaserComb starts at $300. The maker says it has to be used consistently or hair will revert to it’s original thinness.


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Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

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