5:40 There have been no radiation deaths in Japan after the Fukushima meltdown.

5:50 Jon Stewart is angry that there are no revenue generating tax increases in the debt ceiling compromise.

6:10 New Jersey Freeholder Louis Magazzu has resigned after nude photos surfaced that he had sent to a woman he was having an online relationship with.

6:41 Congressman Doug Lamborn has apologized for comparing President Obama to a tar baby.

7:10 Chris talks to Seth Everett about the Phillies series in Colorado and how great the Hunter Pence trade was.

7:28 The resolution to the debt ceiling debate is no win for the President.

8:12 George Will says that Republican’s won the politics of the debt ceiling debate.

8:14 Chris talks to Don Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party about how to interpret Republican support of the debt ceiling deal.

8:45 The Reading Terminal Market Beer Garden is helping to foster racial dialogue.