By Veronica Dudo

It was an exciting weekend in Atlantic City packed with entertaining events throughout the resort including the Food Network’s Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival along with several concerts and shows. Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson and Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter and Howie Dorough hosted parties at The Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort.

Viewers first saw Wilkinson in The Girls Next Door on E! Network and now she’s starring in her own reality TV show Kendra. Wilkinson and her NFL husband, former Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett are the proud parents of Hank Baskett IV. The 2011 Dancing with the Stars contestant has been very open about her post baby diet and exercise routine. I spoke with Wilkinson about her love for Philadelphia, the possibility of more children, her intense workouts and Hugh Hefner’s recent headline grabbing breakup with former finance Crystal Harris.

kendra wilkinson Stars At The Shore: Kendra Wilkinson, Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, Howie Dorough Host Separate Pool Parties In Atlantic City

You spent time in Philadelphia when Hank was with the Eagles, why is coming back so special to you?

“Coming back to Philly is really special to me because my whole family is actually from South Jersey but also I’ve lived in Philadelphia for a couple months on and off because of Hank being with the Eagles. I’ve gotten to know so many people, I lived at Two Liberty and all the staff there are my really good friends so we just had to—the second we landed we had to make our rounds and go say hi to everybody. My friend Julie Dorenbos, Jon Dorenbos’ wife just opened up a tanning salon so I went and I saw it and I said hi to her I just have a lot of friends here and a lot of family, so it’s good come back and just say hi to everybody I know.”

Are you and Hank thinking about expanding your family and having another child soon?

“The time will come, I wouldn’t say soon but definitely not later.” (laughs)

Are you currently shooting your reality TV show, “Kendra” for the E! Network?

“Yeah, today was my day off, traveling here and coming out and having some fun with my friends and then we’re headed back and we’re starting to shoot again so we’re halfway through the first season and we have a half more to go.”

You’re very open about your diet and exercise plan—what is your current routine?

“I’m watching what I eat and making sure I have really good balance throughout my day. I workout with the NFL players—you’ll see it on my show all the top NFL players; I work out with the top NFL trainer so I’m definitely not a girly girl when it comes to working out. I’m hardcore and I basically workout so I can eat (laughs) I love to eat. I’m not going to give up my food.”

What is something healthy you enjoy making for your family?

“I make fruit and veggie smoothies for the whole family. I actually put asparagus and broccoli and all fruit in the blender and
I blend it all up—and spinach—and I drink it all throughout the week and it’s the healthiest thing I do all week.”

Crystal Harris has been speaking out about her relationship with Hugh Hefner, what is your take on what she is sharing with the public?

“Be classy about it. After the whole non-marriage thing broke to the news I actually thought she was being classy about things until she started opening her mouth about the bed stuff I mean she just totally made herself look like crap, she looks like trash, it’s disgusting. She needs to keep her mouth shut and be a bigger person and walk away. People don’t like that, they don’t like a hypocrite—she’s a hypocrite.

Backstreet Boys Howie Dorough and Nick Carter also hosted a party at The Pool After Dark following their performance with New Kids on the Block for the NKOTBSB tour. The bands have teamed up for a boy band extravaganza with their 41-date North American tour celebrating the bands’ funky moves, catchy tunes and trend setting fashions. I spoke with Carter and Dorough about their tour, working with New Kids on the Block and the recent NKOTBSB’s single, “Don’t Turn off the Lights Now.”

backstreet boys 2 Stars At The Shore: Kendra Wilkinson, Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, Howie Dorough Host Separate Pool Parties In Atlantic City

Backstreet Boys (credit: PhotoGraphics Photography)

How is the NKOTBSB tour going?

Nick Carter: “It’s going good we only have like six shows left; we don’t want it to end, we’re having so much fun and success is sort of a word that’s like an understatement it’s really been ginormous. The venues that we’ve played, the amounts of people that have come to the show, the success that we’ve had is great.”

Did New Kids on the Block serve as inspiration for you guys?

Howie Dorough: “We definitely also credit to them as being the first boy band before us. We grew up—especially for me, my generation, Nick was a little young at the time but he got to know them mostly through us and at the time when we first started he got to know more about the group and everything but definitely, they paved the road for us but at the same time when they stopped, we took the torch and we carried it on and we’ve been going ourselves now 18 years since then.”

Can you explain your collaboration with New Kids on the Block for your recent single, “Don’t Turn Off the Lights Now” and what it’s like to be working together?

Nick Carter: “It’s a relationship that I think works wonderfully. You wouldn’t think necessarily because we have come from two different eras 80’s and 90’s but we share so many similarities it makes it just easy to be on stage with and it’s almost like we’re able to see what we’ve lived through when they’re on stage we can actually see it and relate to it; it’s fun.”

Howie Dorough: “It was a great collaboration together, it’s in the show people get the chance to hear it, we’re on the radio; Nick and I at the same time both have singles out right now—we’re promoting our first solo singles so there’s a lot of stuff going on.”

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