PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new concern about smartphones and their effects on your health. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl is On Your Side with more.

A growing number of psychologists are worried about people who prefer smartphones instead of face-to-face interaction with people. Doctors say they’re at risk for a new type of addiction.

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For many people, maps, cameras, watches even digital music players have been replaced by smartphones that do it all. People can now live life almost completely on their phone.

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Around the world smartphone sales have exploded. In 2010, an estimated 302 million devices were sold. By 2016, that number is expected to hit one billion.

And as the devices become more integrated in people’s lives, psychologists say smartphone users are in danger of becoming addicted.

“The more connected we are the less we’re connecting,” said Dr. Michael Dow, an addiction expert.

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Experts like Dr. Dow say that too much smartphone use not only causes people to disconnect from reality, but smartphone withdrawal can cause physical symptoms like anxiety, insomnia and even depression.

“And it can actually creates a lot of cortisone in the brain and in the body that stress hormone is actually cardio-toxic. So it’s actually very bad not only for your mental health and your relationships but it can also be bad for your biological health as well,” said Dr. Dow.

Doctors say like other vices, for many the power of smartphone addiction can often outweigh the mental and physical costs.


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Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

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