By:Andy Wheeler

This will go down as one of the weirder 2 week periods in recent sports history. Will they make a deal, won’t they make a deal? Nobody knew. And I’m not talking about the disgraceful inaction of our Congress and government…I’m talking of course about the NFL.

OF COURSE they got it solved. You sit me in a room and tell me, “If you don’t make deal by this date, your share of $9.3 Billion is in jeopardy,”…I personally wouldn’t have slept for all 130+ days. 9.3 BILLION!!!!!

So of course there was going to be a deal, duh!

Now we’re left with a complete mess. Actually you could call it chaos. Or for us sports fans, we call it fun!

Let’s look at it from the Eagles Angle. First off, the front office guys are going to be awake for the next 2 weeks. So many contracts, so many phone calls…just so much to do with no end.

The minute the deal was finalized by the Owners and the NFLPA, the Eagles only had 50 or so players on their roster and that has to expand to 90 by next week. It’s like a whole different team they have to sign in less than a week.

Hundreds of free agents are out there right now…some with a pretty good idea where they are going. Other players with literally no clue. Then the waiver wire process started today and boom, teams start cutting bad contracts and the market gets flooded with players again. Then tomorrow they can start making deals official….more chaos.

In addition, Michael Vicks contract extension needs, as well as DeSean Jackson…it’s busy on red bull.

I’m also not wild about the Eagles cutting literally every free agent they have. Just too many lose ends from my point of view…but running a team isn’t my business…commenting on what they are doing, now that’s my business.

Here’s my comment directly to the Eagles. You need to fix this defense, quickly. Rodgers-Cromartie and Jason Babin was a nice start, but it’s not enough. It was an embarrassment last year. Shameful. I haven’t seem a smack you in the mouth Eagles defense in quite some time. I want one of those please.

And don’t you dare come out of camp with a line like we had last year. That was also disgraceful. What the offensive line we needs attitude should be is sort of like a goon in hockey or a bouncer. If you hit Shady, DJax, Maclin or God forbid Michael Vick a little too hard, or take a cheap shot….you are going to have a very long and painful day.

Now the reason the whole 2 week period is crazy, because now factor in the Phillies at the deadline.

Wow is all I can say about my Phillies. I wanted them to lay waste to the National League…and so far so good. They look great…but now it’s the deadline and it’s time to make some stuff happen.

First things first, it’s time to bring back Matt Stairs.

The talk was about Giambi coming to the Phillies for a few days but then he got hurt. Last night, the Nationals designated Stairs for assignment.

Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s done. But to have him around come playoff time could be huge. Bring him back for a few months to coach up Dom Brown if he’s still around in a few days.

That gets me to all the rumors. Hunter Pence would be amazing to get here, but I saw what the Phillies offered for him and I almost choked. They would be giving up a lot. But there are alternatives.

My choice would be Carlos Quentin. You want a bat you have to respect behind Howard…that’s your guy. He can play left or right. He’s perfect. He even hits like the Phillies do, in streaks and when he gets hot look out. Pence would be the more consistent perfect for the Phillies kind of move…but if you are “settling” for Quentin…I’m just fine with that.

The bullpen is another thing all together.

They are all pitching great…but as I’m sure a wise person once said, you can never have enough insurance. I’d like another lefty reliever personally.

And Sean Marshall would be the perfect guy in terms of how he’s pitching. But he’s likely going to be pricey. So I’d settle for some workhorse guy out there. A Scott Eyre type.

Heath Bell would be nice, but I don’t think he’s necessary. Another competent arm out there would be perfect…nothing flashy.

The rumor that is out there now is the Phillies trading with the Padres for Mike Adams and Ryan Ludwick. That would satisfy me, as long as Brown isn’t in that deal.

I’d like to see them get rid of or replace the following guys…and please comment on the story if you think I’m wrong.

Must go:

Drew Carpenter, David Herndon, Juan Perez, Wilson Valdez (Martinez is better) and probably Ross Gload or Ben Francisco.

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