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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Choosing a dog that will be a good match to your lifestyle will not only be beneficial for you, but will also be extremely beneficial for the well being of your new canine companion.

It’s important to take into account how a dog’s overall energy level will harmonize with your own. Try to identify what your own energy level is first; are you extremely active, are you an outdoorsy person, do you love to wake up early, exercise, run, etc. Do you like to stay more low key, take life at a slower pace, etc.

Never make generalizions based on breed, it’s not only unfair but totally inaccurate. A dog’s breed can never indicate a dog’s individual personality, (for example pitbulls can be devoted and loving dogs, as can Rottweillers and Dobermans and mixes!) but you can consider several overall characteristics of a breed just to give an idea of the type of exercises and energy levels needed.

Spend some quality time getting to know the dog before taking him/her home. Start to form a level of trust and comfortability for the dog. Talk to shelter workers to see if the dog accepts cats, other dogs and is comfortable around children if that applies. If you have other animals, bring them to meet with the dog at the shelter first. And always adopt from an animal rescue or shelter.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio

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