PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s Wednesday, and the Phillies are in the midst of their rematch with the San Francisco Giants. Tim Lincecum had the flu, Vance Worley had his A-Game working, & the Phillies won 7-2.

The Phillies are at a point where they got their first win over San Francisco. Chase Utley’s inside-the-park HR was a crowd-thriller, and now they look to win their 10th straight series.

Everybody time I go on KYW, WIP, or WPHT, everyone I speak to wants to talk about trade rumors. I do think the Phillies are trying to make a trade, but trying doesn’t bring a but I don’t think it’s a big trade let me explain.

Talking to sources in Houston the Astros are not trading Hunter Pence. They are listening to offers, but they are probably not going to trade Pence at this point. Besides, I always thought the price was too high, both in terms of prospects and financial means.

The best fit for the Phillies has always been Carlos Beltran. That’s been both financial & prospect. But the Mets are asking for a lot, and other teams appear to have a closer track. The Texas Rangers, San Francisco Giants, & perhaps the Cleveland Indians have been closer according to various reports.

Fans have asked me about BJ Upton. I’m impressed by BJ Upton, and have been with his career. He is however, not having a great offensive season, and I’m not sure the Phillies need more players that they already have. John Mayberry & Dom Brown can hit in the .240’s just fine.

The rest of it? I’m not high on Josh Willingham, Melky Cabrera, and I’m over Ryan Ludwick. They are not bad players, but they are also not what the Phillies could use.

Tomorrow, I’ll go over bullpen options & 3rd base backups. In the meantime, check me out on Newsradio 1060 KYW with Matt Leon and enjoy the Giants series.

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