PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — These days, if you’re single, there are a number of ways to meet people using modern technology. From dating websites, to apps for your phone, love can be just a ‘click’ away. But despite these advances, many are turning to a more old-fashioned method to meet that special someone. It turns out, matchmaking has made a comeback and is thriving.

Joann and Steve Ward own Master Matchmakers in Philadelphia. Steve explained why their service is still relevant in these modern times.

“If you need legal advice, you go to an attorney. If you need your taxes done, you go to an accountant. If you’re not feeling well, you see a doctor. You need a little help with your love life, you go to a matchmaker,” said Steve.

Joann started the business more than 20 years ago after successfully setting up her friends. She shared that the reward is knowing she helped someone find “the one.”

“I know that if it wasn’t for us, the people wouldn’t be together. To me, that’s just amazing,” said Joann.

The Mother-Son team gained national recognition after the premiere of their reality show “Tough Love” on VH1. Soon after the popular series aired, Steve said they started getting calls from people that wanted coaching for their love life, similar to that dished out on the show.

“We knew that we could give them support and direction and guidance that could get them the results that they’re looking for, even if we’re not creating the opportunities themselves,” explained Steve.

There is still demand for more traditional matchmaking. Selective Search is an international upscale service, based in Chicago.

Dr. Monica Mandell, director of east coast client services, reports that business is booming despite their hefty price tag. “It has done better in the recession, than it’s ever done. It has to do with priorities, and people are putting their personal life as their major priority.”

Selective Search starts at 15 to 20 thousand dollars for a search of your area. That pays for a one year contract, and up to 12 dates. Also, they only take men as clients. Women can join their database for free, but there is no guarantee that you’ll get matched with someone.

Dr. Mandell explained that for the men, it’s like hiring personal recruiters for your love life. “You don’t leave it up to fate, we take care of it.”

While it is much more expensive than online dating, Selective Search is confidential. No one will know you signed up, unless you tell them; but after a successful match, you just might want to.

Reported by Erika von Tiehl