PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Postpartum depression is a serious form of depression that comes after giving birth. This is very different than the baby blues, which are a slightly depressed feeling that occur in four out of every five women who deliver.

The baby blues occur in the first ten days after giving birth. But when depression worsens and lasts beyond ten days after the delivery we have concerns abut postpartum depression.

Some people feel better within a few weeks and others can be depressed for several months. Symptoms include anxiety, sadness and crying — symptoms include excessive concern about making mistakes in caring for the baby or finding it hard to concentrate or fall asleep.

Once again, sleep problems and worrying are normal but this is excessive. Some women with postpartum depression can have pictures pop up about harming the baby — this does not mean they will do it but any information like this needs to be shared with your doctor.

We are not sure of the cause of postpartum depression — it may be hormonally related and we do know that women who have it once are prone to get it again.

There is treatment but the most important thing is to ask for help.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor